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Policies and Procedures

By enrolling your child in this program you agree to the policies and procedures on this page


Students must be in uniform to attend class. We suggest parents leave uniforms at school to avoid forgetting them. Parents can take them home once a month to wash.


Make ups

If the instructor cancels a class we will notify parents via text.  Classes are made up one of two ways: adding time to the following classes or teaching it on another day. 


School Closed

When the school is closed Peace Martial Arts is closed.  PMA is not obligated to do make ups for holidays and when schools are closed.  Please note PMA’s spring break is the 1st week in April (no make ups or prorates for this break).

However, PMA will periodically add time to certain classes throughout the school year to make up for shorter months and breaks.

Disciplinary Procedures

Martial Arts is about discipline. There are disciplinary practices we use if a child misbehaves inside or outside of the classroom. For example: verbal warning, taking away their belt, exercise, excluded from portions of the class (e.g.  not kicking the pad), being dismissed from class or reflective time.  We notify parents of misbehavior only if the instructor feels it is problematic.   The instructor will not call a parent every time a child misbehaves.  The benefit of Martial Arts is that it helps to improve behavior. 


Belt Test and Ceremony in May/December 

At the end of every semester (May and December) there is a belt test and promotion ceremony ($35) if the instructor feels they're ready.  This fee is in addition to the monthly fee of May and December.  The ceremony will be held at your child's school during class. Payment for a belt test does not guarantee participation. The instructor reserves the right to prevent a child from participating in the ceremony (even if the decision is made on the day of) for misbehavior inside or outside of the classroom. 

Payments (applicable to parents who pay PMA directly, not schools)

Payments are due on or before the 1st of each month. Payments received after the 3rd of the month are considered late and a $20.00 late fee will be added.  Students are not permitted to class until all fees are paid. 

Refund Policy

PMA has a no refund policy.

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